Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fear Itself

"Calabi-Yau Cross Section" Indiana University.(click)

There's all types of fear. I've discovered through life that I'm not only afraid of extreme heights or the inside of a MRI, but also hundreds of other fears.

What the heck happened? No wonder so many teenagers get in wrecks. We were fearless... I was.. fearless.

But time goes on, we get broken and built back.. and our fears change, some disappear (like being grounded by your dad or dentists) and others come along that are more complex. I am scared to death that something would happen to my family.

A strange fear is the fear of change. Change of life, job, love. Change of knowledge... like, the fact that the Earth isn't flat or the center of the Universe. Those used to be fighting words. Or how about the idea that there are more than 4 dimensions? But there is not a single human alive that can visualize more than four. But science now tells us that there could be more... that "shape" up there.. the "Calabi-Yau".. that's a six dimensional shape. Believe it or not, this scares people. It implies so much more about reality than people are willing to believe.

Fear. We've all got it.. and sometimes it sucks. But I'll tell you what..

It's saved my life. And in a weird way, It's saved my soul.

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