Tuesday, June 28, 2005


"Monotony" by Manuel Catez "Golog".

At one time, life felt way too cyclical. Day after day.

The repetition made me feel dull inside, like a featureless lanscape.

The same comfort that I sought to find inside of a pattern.. slowly traped me.

I began to dream of change... what did it feel like?

Listen as I struggled to fight the monotony.

(Composed in 2003 when I felt trapped in my job... little did I know that change was on the horizon.)

Monotony.Mp3 (c) 2003 William Cushman (4:14 / 3.9Mb) Click here for a small preview.
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My good friend Christian Holihan from http://www.holihandesign.net/ has sampled the first couple seconds from Monotony, looped it and created his own version. He has given me permission to post the following two derivative works under the same royalty free stipulations that cover all of my works on this site... enjoy and use in your projects!

Monotony Remix 1 (Mp3) - 1:04 - with added solo. (cc) 2005 Holihan/Cushman
Monotony Remix 2 (Mp3) - 1:04 - without solo. (cc) 2005 Holihan/Cushman
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