Thursday, June 09, 2005


So.. I normally get emails requesting permission to use the music on this blog for commercial royalty-free purposes.. like wedding videographers, etc..(and I always say yes and send a permission email back.)

A couple weeks back I got a request to design a short loop for a webpage..something that would play in the background when people clicked on the page.

There have been several versions and several "out-takes". This was version #1 and my personal favorite.. so I figured I'd share it since nobody is using it.

I went a step further. It's 17 seconds long (hence the name) and you could easily loop it in your video software for the credits or whatever.. but I figured somebody also may want to use it for what it was created for.


I embedded it for you. Go ahead and click on the link to get a sample of how it works. All you would need to do is copy the code (that I provide on the sample page) and paste it into the html on your web page.

Example 3 (Flash version.. my fav.)

Or.. you can just listen or directly download the loop below..

Have fun!

17.Mp3 (c) 2005 William Cushman (0:17 / .3Mb)
To directly download to your computer click this icon:
Want to use this piece in your project or website - royalty & commercial free at no cost?
Just ask.

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William Young said...

Well, how about that, my site now has background music! The wonders of the blogosphere.

Now, how 'bout creatin' somethin' special for my site, a foot to the left on the keyboard?

Now, if only this impressed my wife...

wilsonwriter said...

Bill, you are incredibly gifted. I love your music; I like your style; and I think it's fantastic that you're offering this to those of us without any musical ability. (Thank God!)

Eric said...

Very nice clip. It takes a bit of fine-trimming off the end to make it loop perfectly. But otherwise great.

Keep 'em coming. This would be perfect for the background of a DVD menu.

CuShMaN said...

Yeah.. sorry about that. I guess I should clean it up and reload it.

Originally, I wasn't paying attention to the skip because the loop was still in production.

I had to finish up the post from work.. and then I got to thinking about the skip.. but I don't have an audio editor at work.

Hope it's not too big a prob.


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