Thursday, May 26, 2005


"Courtyard" Copyright © 2004 Musa Sayyed (click picture to link)

A non-piano composition (it's electric keyboard).. and you'll have to forgive the amateur drum loop...

This is an older piece that I improvised years ago and dug back up for you to check out... I've used it it for several of my home video projects.. it comes in handy.

To get the real scoop on why I wrote it, just click on this old archive audio commentary of me talking about why I wrote it...
Courtyard Commentary.Mp3 (2:46sec please give it time to load.) or direct download:Commentary ZIP FILE.

Courtyard.Mp3 (c) 2001 William Cushman (1:02 / .9Mb)
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strangecloud said...

HEY!....I have FINISH! major submission..I will send you the video soon...and some pictures of my degree show!
Thanks a lot for sharing the music...!!!!
Now i am dead tired...and is going home to drop dead.

MP3 said...
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