Thursday, May 19, 2005


"Naive eyes of children" (c) Theit Dung Tran -Veitnam

What can I say? Being around my son inspires me.

That amazing wonder... it almost seems impossible. It's more beautiful than almost anything I have ever seen.

He was standing right next to me watching me play this as I recorded it. His hands reached up and hovered inches from the keys.. but he didn't touch.

Wide eyed, he just looked up into my eyes, blinked and smiled.. perfect.

Naive.Mp3 (c) 2003 William Cushman (3:02 / 2.8Mb)
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Yoke Wong said...

William, very impressive piano music work! I enjoy listening to your music, quite soothing and relaxing! I also speak and write chinese!

Alyssa said...


My name is Alyssa, and I haven't been playing the keyboard very long, but I love the sound of the piano. I really enjoy this song, because it is a great piece of music. A lot of people my age don't appriciate this type of music, us teens...*geez* but I really do enjoy it...I wish I could play as well as you! Thank you for providing links for your masterpieces! I got on here the other night and listened to them for hours until my parents got fed up and kicked off of the computer! *laughs* Keep up the wonderful work!


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