Thursday, May 12, 2005

Holding my Breath

"Holding our Breath" by Martin A. Poole. Click on picture to link to Gallery.

There are moments in life when time seems to slow down..

When the inhalation of hope causes a person to.. float in indeterminite anticipation.

I found myself standing there.. just like the woman in the painting. Waiting as God moved the world around me. Hoping for the best, unsure about what to think. Holding my breath.

This piece moves slowly.. but I think I captured it just right.

Holding my Breath.Mp3 (c) 2003 William Cushman (3:25 / 3.2Mb)
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Here are some links to projects that people have made using this composition.. check them out!

  • Fritz Demo - This is an example of a Photographer Demo, which showcases a photographer in action during his wedding shoot. This and other great works are produced by Philip Hinkle at Frogman Productions.

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strangecloud said...

OMG...! can read chinese...luckily I din say anything bad about you...and you are's about a boy.

CuShMaN said...

No, i just use a free IE chinese to english translation plugin. I'm still corn-fused about the whole mess. lol. oh well.

strangecloud said...

nah...dun get too is just about a silly crush as usual...with this kind of rate...I will never really like anyone...until my next life...but this time...the silly thing is...he saw me posting my blog...and I am afraid he might just go and read about it...and know what is happening....and becos I am such a coward as you know...I delete all my posting about him previously...and i hate myself now...yah..that is about it...I guess it should be safe to tell you what is going on ,on ur comment than on mine....I hope he is not smart enuff to see your link and read this...sorry for disturbing you with my girly stupid thingy...I can be very childish sometimes...if it looks weird on ur blog...just delete it.

CuShMaN said...

To anyone reading this..

Just to clear up the above conversation. Strangecloud is a student videographer at Glasgow University in the UK. She is from Singapore.. and uses my music in her projects... they are very good.

The above conversation is just a bleed-over conversation from her blog that spilled onto mine. I decided to keep it.


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