Friday, April 01, 2005

If I Persist

Caleb's Art: "Mommy, Daddy & Me" (Click picture for bigger version)CC2005

My wife's family has some friends that let them borrow a cabin up in Maggie Valley, North Carolina this past weekend. So naturally, we joined them for a couple of days.

Wow, what a refreshing, wonderful time we had. On the drive over there, me and my wife had a couple of arguments in the car. Normal stuff. I don't even remember what it was about. But, I think I know why...

We were de-toxing. We were getting the junk out. By the time we pulled into the mountains, it was snowing and sticking. Amazing. And everything was ok again.

It was beautiful, the rainbow trout were biting anything we put on the line, and the weather was perfect.

And then, suddenly, it was all gone.. and I find myself back at work again. Rested, and refreshed.. but back in the grind. Dreaming of more family time. Upset that I can't spend more time with them.

I keep thinking that someday it will pay off. All the hard work. But then, i'm also learning that life is more about the sides of the mountains, instead of the top.

The "magical" payoff. Hmm. I'm not so sure anymore. Nobody said life would be easy.

Don Finto explained something to me once. It's such a strange concept to me.

He said, Suffering produces perserverance and perserverance produces character... it's right there in Romans, in the Bible.

What? So.. you mean to tell me.. bad things, tough situations.. they make my character better?

What a strange life. The only way to trully 'get it', appreciate it, and Grow, is to Try and Fail. Over and over. Through good and bad. Trusting Him.

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