Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Postcard of the Alamo : San Antonio, TX

I feel that I need to mention this little piece.

On my search over the years to "discover" my composition technique.. at one time, I had decided that I would compose a series of "postcard" pieces.
Basically, I would put the post card on the piano.. and then use it and the message on the back as inspiration.

Many people have sent me postcards over the years. But this particular postcard stood out. Mainly because it was from my parents.. and because of what my mom wrote on the back.

She explains that her visit there made her want to weep.

After staring at the postcard for several weeks.. I came up with a motif and sketched out this composition around it. -Keep in mind- This composition occured BEFORE I began composing my completely improvisational pieces. This piece is a hybrid... both predetermined motifs and improvisation during the recording.

The Alamo is more than just an old, strategically placed mission.

I believe that this location.. it's history.. represents human determination.

The story of David Crockett, and how they held the Alamo against terrible odds. All of the blood that was shed in the historical struggles to control this land.. was it in vain?

These men and women died for us. So that we may be free. So that the ideas of our founding fathers could flourish.

So.. this piece is somewhat of a Dirge... Very sad. Yet.. somehow.. hopefull, steadfast, determined, and accepting. For them.

For us.

Alamo.Mp3 (c) 2001 William Cushman (5:10 / 4.8Mb)
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Anonymous said...

cool blog Bill, from a fellow pianist, like your music and creativity. Is it easy to put mp3s on your blog? all the best

CuShMaN said...

At first, I thought that all I needed to do was somehow "stick" the mp3's directly onto the new post. The problem is that Blogger doesn't actually provide us with any storage. Basically, a blog is just a shell.. and everything on it draws it's content from somewhere else.

So I finally figured out that all I needed to do was somehow put my Mp3's in a space that can be accessed all the time (a server). So I actually just use the free web space that comes with my Comcast account. A friend of mine showed me how to link the Mp3 from comcast to my blog. and Voila' !! The rest is history.

If you want more detail.. let me know.

p.s. Thanks for the props.


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