Friday, March 25, 2005

Under my Skin

Caleb's Art age 4 : "Crash" (Click picture for bigger version)CC2005

Boys think so differently than girls at this age. Take for example Ava over at Ward's blog. She's 4, but her art has so much more realism to it.

Caleb is just pure abstract. If I ask him what he painted.. (like I did on this one), he says, "there was a man running and he went Crash!" Boys are awesome.

How perfectly does that tie in with my composition...

I recorded this piece after several months of just working my fingers to the bone (at the restaurant- not on the music). This work was the oupouring of emotion, exhaustion, and being just totally pissed off about work and the bull that I had to put up with.

You know what I'm talking about. The endless nonsense that drives you crazy. But you keep on going at it. Have to. There's a family at home that needs my support. But sometimes you can only take so much. And work just gets down deep under my skin and just won't relent. Talk about a man who went Crash!

The piano called to me.

And so I spat this frustration out on the keyboard. Point blank. I felt like I was dictating a spiritual battle inside of me. I don't think I could play this piece ever again if I tried.

But it worked. You can feel me working it out. And at the end.. you'll hear it.. you know exactly when i've tilted the scales back into place and everything is well..

once again.

Under my Skin.Mp3 (c) 2002 William Cushman (4:36 / 4.3Mb)
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William Young said...

Yo, if this is you angry/frustrated with work, I'd hate to see you happy. Err, like to see, that is. To my ears, this is upbeat, cheerful and hopeful, but maybe that's how you fight the oppressiveness of the dayjob.

I mean, I expected something like Mahler's 9th ...

CuShMaN said...


So you do visit my blog! How cool. I cracked up yesterday when you said you had just put down Neuromancer. I totally forgot about ol' Mr. Gibson's writings. Good stuff. I know its a stretch.. but have you ever read Asimov's Foundation series.. totally worth it.

Sorry this piece isn't darker. Oh well, it's mostly minor if that helps. Just a feeling you know. Thanks for the fly by. Really dig your blog.


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