Saturday, March 19, 2005


So let me tell you about Brandi.

I met Brandi years ago when I was a store manager at Ruby Tuesday.

She's one of those people that just inspires you. She believes in people. So we became good friends.

Well, she used to meditate quite a bit. She had a little sand meditation garden at her pad. It was centered in the middle of a sort of shrine that was on a table. And she'd spend hours clearing her mind and just drifting into the elements on this table. There were rocks, and trinkets, and presents. Things that would represent people, hopes and dreams.

Ok, I know all this sounds incredibly "new agey" but, as I said, she was a friend. I'm not the type of person who jams religion down other peoples throats. I prefer to just let my life do the talking.

Brandi was one of the first people to listen to my new compositional style that I'm now sharing with you. And she loves it. Usually when I would finish a piece.. I would let her listen to it right away.

Actually, my preferred method of sharing my music is to sit down with you and tell you how I was feeling when I composed it.. and then let you hear it on cd... but this text will have to do for now. I've actually recorded myself telling about each composition.. but it seemed out of context for the blog world.

Give this work some time. Take your time listening to it. It is meant for meditation, relaxation. Contemplation. Introspection. Peace.

A few of my friends say it sounds like Vangelis. This is the first piece you will hear that has a "pad" beneath the piano.. which is a soft sound layer like strings.

Put on headphones to hear the sublety.

Let me know what you think. I love feedback. Write a comment, email me through my profile.. or use the mini vote over on the sidebar.

Meditation 7.02 .mp3 (c) 2002 William Cushman (7:02 / 6.5Mb)
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Anonymous said...

nice music :)
thanks for share it freely :P

奇怪的云 said...

Hi...have not been online lately...i like this new piece..alll are potential for my new work...the techno one is nice too...

Castus Albus Cor said...

I should probably attempt to relax on this peice someday.
Thats really great music. Music in its purest form!


Anonymous said...

Hello Bill,

I came across your wonderful blog site via Peter John Ross' website. For the past days, I've listened to your music compositions while reading your writings.

Your music is so powerful yet calming and peaceful. So enchanting are the sounds that I decided to include "Meditation" to my Photography Showcase page (a slide show of my photo samples). I hope you allow me to do so and am requesting your approval. I am even inspired to use some of your other music for other projects.

I have provided credits to your work:

and also included you on my editorial article:

I think you are an amazing person and I wish you and your family all the best of life and success.

If you do decide to do a CD album, count me in as an awaiting buyer. Keep up the great work.


CuShMaN said...


Thank you for the wonderful words. I can only say that if any credit is deserved, it is God's and not mine. Thank you for the wonderful sentiment.


Stephanie said...

I heard your music through a friend of mine and without knowing your inspiration was from God, your songs just led me straight to prayer every time I listened to them. I remember every time I listened to a song, I'd think, "This song is telling a's not just music." So, I thought I'd let you know that without saying a word about God, your music still brings me to Him.


Joe Anybody said...

Hello Bill
I used your "Meditation" song in the background of my "Stand for Peace" YouTube video.

I credited you at the end of the film.

Much thanks!!

I had no clue what I was looking for when I went searching for the music for my short "peace" video... your music piece topped this project of perfectly!!

I am very thankful and excited to see this all together.

5 stars for both of us!

Peace Everyday & Everywhere
~joe anybody

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