Sunday, March 13, 2005

He likes to Ride

"Car Ride" © Jennifer Branch 2004

First off, I must give you fair warning... this piece is not the same as hardly any of my other works. This one is kind of an experimental blend of techno and piano.

Most of my works are just solo piano.. so, if you like techno type stuff, this is pretty much all i've done in that genre.

Anyways... kids are funny.

I've been around bunches of kids, and they all are different when it comes to riding in cars. Well, we have the sweetest, coolest little boy in the world. (I'm opinionated in some things.)

And if there is one thing that Caleb loves.. it's riding in the car.

So.. there we were, cruising home, just him and me.. and he was just grinning and loving it. Sitting there in his little car seat, all strapped in, just staring out the window and grooving to the rythm of the road.

I got home, and started messing around with a loop editor on the iMac called Mixman. I spliced together a bunch of cool loops, hooked up the keyboard and just started playing.

In my mind, I imagined the lines on the street passing under us.. dash.. dash.. dash. It matched up with the beat of the loops.

You can almost imagine the different sounds representing other cars on the road, the trees going by, the clouds overhead, it's all in there.

And there he was..

Little boy.

Just hanging in the back seat.. like he was meant to be there.


close your eyes and take a little journey with us.

He likes to Ride 5.14 .mp3 (c) 2002 William Cushman (5:14 / 4.8Mb)
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Check out Martin Bailey's podcasts - they use this song as a lead-in.
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Anonymous said...

I like this alot - its really nice.

Anonymous said...

I love the music.

diskfaktory said...

Great track. The rhythm reminds me of a sped up Kraftwerk beat, with the piano floating around it.

Good stuff!

If you have a minute, check out a couple of tracks i've put together.
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Anonymous said...

Well, you gave me permission via e-mail to use any of your songs, for any of my projects. At the time when I asked, I was only really thinking of "On My Way" to use in my feature... but I JUST NOW used "He Likes to ride" for a short :30 commercial for the Clean Energy Commercial Contest through

I'll post the link for my video as soon as I finish uploading it to the contest's page on

Anonymous said...

Here's the link I said I'd give for the commercial I made with "He likes to ride" in it.

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