Monday, April 11, 2005


"Light the Night" cancer walk : "Balloons"CC2005

I told Shannon [my wife] , that I was going to post 'Gravity' today. She said, "so, what are you going to write"?

I told her that I actually had two problems.. what to write, and what picture to use.
On my first couple posts, you'll notice that I don't post a picture. I realized later, that I have images insided my head as I write these pieces. Sometimes.. hundreds of images. So, it's important for me to share what I 'see' and not just what I hear.

These balloons were in a corner over by a fence at the "Light the Night" Cancer walk that year in Nashville. Shannon used to work part time at the Disney Store, and one of her managers was struggling with lymphoma. We all went and walked a mile to show our support for her.

This piece is hard to explain.

First of all, it's one of my longest. Of course, the entire thing was recorded just like all the other pieces. One sitting, one recording, made it up on the spot.

I was feeling too deep into my own life. All about me. So, I tried to push off. To float outside my little world and bring my focus out broader. To take a step back. To see those around me.. to see Their lives. There is more to life than me.

Then.. to move around the earth in my mind, to recognize the vastness of humanity. To try to grasp the immenseness of it all; the beauty of the Creation.

All of us tied to this planet. All of us pulled into our own little worlds.

There is a physical gravity that pulls us down and holds us here. But there is yet another Gravity that pulls a person into their own life. We all forget about it. It's just there. And it's so easy to go about your day, taking it all for granted.

I remember just staring at those balloons.

This music captures something... a moment... when I fought my way away from that force.

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Paula said...

I just read your post and listened to your music. Absolutely beautiful. My husband says I should ask you if I could post it on my website, (my blog is Let me know. . .

CuShMaN said...


I would love for you to post a link to my blog on your site. Thank you for your generous compliment. I went ahead and blogrolled soulscents onto my blog so your link is already there.
What type of book did you write? A good friend of mine is Eric Wilson (check my blogroll) who writes Christian Fiction for Waterbook Press (a division of Random House). He's also a book reviewer, like you.

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