Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just a Moment

"Enter With Boldness" Watercolor © Gwen Mehard

I was sitting at the piano practicing one day and it was almost time for us to leave the house. I can't remember exactly where it was we were going.. some sort of errand.

My wife called from the kitchen, "We're leaving in five minutes."

Right at that instant, I heard this piece in my head... I called back, "Just a moment."

I had to act fast, I knew if I didn't record it at once, I would probably lose exactly what I was feeling.

I flipped on the recorder, and started playing...

...right as I finished the last note, I looked up, she had our son, and was ready to roll.

I flipped off the recorder and followed her out the door.

Do I feel over-scheduled and cramped for time? Sure. But I choose not to back down. If it requires a boldness in the way that I am, then so be it. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

Please take a moment to listen to this small tribute.

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Kimberly Kwan said...

Bill...once again, thank you for generously sharing your gift with us! I have just uploaded this beautiful, most recent piece as the background for my web site. Your beautiful, emotion-filled compositions are always a perfect compliment to the images am sharing. Thank you, once again!

kevin said...

very nice work and nice ideas, the muse is a demanding angel indeed. You have my sympathies :) Time is short!

You might be interested in sharing one of your posts: I am hosting June 11th's "Progressive Faith Blog Carnival" at my blog

I am trying to gather some blogged posts specifically with some focus on faith, art and expression, please feel free to email me if you're interested and I'll link it up to the Carnival.

You can investigate the idea of this carnival here:

Hope to hear something inspired!

Jennifer said...

your music is absolutely beautiful very pieceful and heartfelt, lovely!

jaznyc said...

I loved this song so much, I just have to use it in a short film. Bill, did you get the email I sent regarding using this song?

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