Wednesday, February 22, 2006


"Emotion" © 2005 Nicholas Rougeux

Back when I was working to discover my current compositional technique, which is composing music completely improvisationally, I spent years writing pieces in the standard method.
I would carefully work out each element of a piano piece and practice how I wanted everything to sound. This piece was actually written out by hand on staff paper, sitting at my piano.

This piece, called esmovoir, which is a French word for emotion, was written back then. It also happens to be one of the few works that I actually decided to record back then.

I was planning to write a whole series of "esmovoir" type pieces that were all interrelated. I ended up only writing two. This is the first. But I felt that it would be nice to share this piece with you.

My intent for this piece is to try to capture a sense of pure emotion like the fractal image above. There is not a specific subject matter that inspired it, just my overall sense of the beauty of life.

I hope you enjoy it.

Click to open music in a mini-window Esmovoir.Mp3 © 2006 William Cushman (3:22 / 3.1Mb)
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William Young said...

I thought this piece was awesome.

Have you ever thought about doing a "concept" album kinda thing you could release here on your site. And when I say "concept," I mean, your take on Vangelis.

I have no idea what you think of him, but your stuff reminds me of him, though, obviously, not techno.

As a challenge to your artistic sensibilities, I'd like to hear your piano interpretation of "Blade Runner Blues." One of my favorite pieces.

Up for it?

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Good music doesn't escape my ears. When the first time I listen to this music from a site (not yours)...WOW...your beautiful piece esmovoir just melted into my heart and all the sudden I just felt so peaceful and serenity prevails !I thought to myself whoever composed this piece must have received inspiration from an Angel or Higher Spirit ! At that moment I told myself to find and buy this piece no matter how much it cost me and another surprise when I found out you're giving out this beautiful pieace royalty free ! You're an angel Bill !

Another song that brings me peaceful feeling is the piece by George Winston, Thanksgiving but I really got to say that your piece esmovoir is on par with that song if not better.

Whenever I felt heavily stressed out I would just listen to your esmovoir and all the stress would just slowly melt away...good way for me to de-stress!

I must say that this piece will certainly become one of the best piece of music in the future!

Keep up your good work Bill ! You're an angel Bill ! Luv you !

Doug said...

Have been listening to your music from this blog for a while and decided to purchase the CD. Such lovely music. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I think my favorite must be Esmovoir. I listen to it above all. Very peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! "Esmovoir" is so peaceful & serene! My favorite!

G Wiseman said...

Perhaps my favourite piece here. Will use as music for a maternity photoshoot slideshow. Fits brilliantly.

kristy said...

This is such an amazing piece... I love all of your work, and the stories behind the music. So appreciative of your amazing talent. :)

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