Friday, July 29, 2005

He's so sweet

"5 months old" (second trimester)

Friends of ours have recently gone through the unsettling loss of their little girl, Mari. Having gone through four miscarriages, we understand pain and overwhelming loss. Our prayers are with them during this time.

After time, my wife has developed a wonderful way of thinking about our losses. Her grandfather passed away a few years back, and she can see Grandaddy just having a ball with his four little grandbabies up in heaven. She says that he's just watching over them right now until it's our time to go see them. In our eyes, it's four of our children that we don't have to worry about making it to heaven.

This is one reason why we focus so much attention and "over-protectiveness" on our little boy.

It's amazing how sweet little kids can be. I sat down to record my feelings about just how sweet my little guy is.. but I couldn't keep out my fear of losing him.

So what remains is a mixture of joy.. and something else...

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William Young said...

You know, I'm always surprised by myself that I spend mental energy worrying about the myriad ways I could suddenly be robbed of my boys.

I suppose it's normal, but every time my wife visits her folks, do I really need to mentally prep myself for the state trooper's knock on the door, envision the funeral, my diet of pizza and whisky, and my eventual move to a trailer park in Oklahoma where I can live out my years in quiet despair?

SafeTinspector said...

How old was your friend's child?

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