Saturday, March 05, 2005

Nothing Helps

First of all, I would like to thank all of the people who have shown an interest in my music. Thank you for your compliments. I hope that you will enjoy all of the works to come.

Most of my works are a reflection of an inner conflict or emotional response to something.

I personally despise being sick.

And boy, was I sick.

I just couldn't shake the respiratory infection that I had and despite everything that I tried.. antibiotics, vitamin C, chicken soup.. absolutely Nothing would Help.

I was being a terrible person too. Whenever I get sick, I turn into a Big, Whiny, Dork. My poor wife.

So, the agony of feeling miserable basically led me to pour the emotions out onto the keyboard.

All I had strength for was to flip the record switch, spit the catharsis out, and then hit 'save'.

You may think it's choppy, or even arythmic... and you'd be right. But it's for real.

This is how I feel when I'm sick.

Nothing Helps 5.16 .mp3 (c) 2002 William Cushman (5:16 / 4.9Mb)
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Audrey said...

I really enjoyed that piece you posted. I am a musician too, though I can't compose to save my life. I am a classical musician all the way. I'm not opposed to other genres, I'm just not very good at them :) Glad you're feeling better!

CuShMaN said...

Thanks Audrey!!

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