Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leaky Roof

I've been unsatisfied with the technique I've used so far to record my music.  It involves sitting down at an electronic keyboard and recording into a digital studio... oh.. it works.. but it's just not the same as a real piano.

Today, while it was raining outside, while I was home from work with my youngest, while mommy went on a field trip with the oldest.. I tried something else.  I took my iPhone and stuck it in my empty coffee cup and sat it on the edge of the piano.  You can hear the baby voicing her opinion in the background.

Our roof has been leaking for years.  Finally, after much prayer and patience, God has graced us with the ability to get a new roof.  But right in the middle of the roofing process, with only the tar paper down, the sky opened up and soaked us with a torrential downpour.  It's still a little leaky and I've been crawling around up there in-between squalls trying to plug the holes with tar.

This piano piece is nothing more than me trying to exercise patience.. just grabbing hold of something tangible and working it with my hands.. literally staring out the window into the face of the storm.  But if there's one thing  I've learned in my crazy life, it's that I, Me, Bill.. can't do it alone.  I'm just not that cool.

Let's see if this works out.

Here's just the audio below...
 Click to open music in a mini-window Leaky Roof.Mp3 (c) 2012 William Cushman (2:57 / 2.8Mb)

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A. M. Hudson said...

I love this piece so much I was holding my breath while listening.

Waterproofing Brooklyn said...

Great power and emotion... Best to listen to on rainy days when my roof is leaking

-Adam Ahmed

Lino Kosters said...

You have great skills in playing the piano, Cushman. The rhythm is quite relaxing. Do you play this piece in your church, or someplace else? By the way, I heard some rain drops while you're playing. Was it raining when you recorded this video? It's a good thing that you're roof was okay at the time, or else, you wouldn't have the time to play the piano with your child. :)

CuShMaN said...


I recorded this in my living room. It wasn't raining at the time. Thank you for the kind words.

Brendan Gertner said...

Even so, it’s a good thing you finally took action against the leaks. However, I’m sure the downpour slowed down the process since some parts of the procedure require a dry setting. Are you still having problems with it? This is why we should treat leaks as an issue that warrants urgent solution. No exaggeration. One leak can give way to another, and the problem can grow larger if left untended.

Danielle Bailey said...

Well, it’s better to wait for a good climate than trying to fix your roof under bad weather conditions. It might be dangerous for you up there because the roof surface can get slippery, which can cause accidents. You should wait for the right time and the right conditions before you even think about repairing your roof.

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