Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A long day at work

When God created the whole universe in 6 days, He took a breather on the 7th day. It was so important that He blessed that day.

So what did He do? Did He take a nap? Or did He chill out in a cosmic armchair and enjoy His creation?

All I know is that after I've really worked hard and given my all, sometimes the best reward that I can experience is to unwind my mind at the piano. For me, making music is like curling up on the couch or eating an ice cream cone.

I don't record a lot of free-form jazz, but sometimes it just hits the spot. I think my wife knew I needed to go straight to the piano as I walked in the door..

And as soon as my fingers brushed the keys.. I felt all the tension just wash away.

And what was left.. well.. I hope it blesses you.

Want to use this piece in your project or website at no cost? Just ask!  Contact me through my Facebook page and ask for the specific audio file.


Bradley said...

Wow! You're a pretty good piano player! I wish I was that good and yet I love keyboards and pianos! I really like your blog as well, it is really, nicely set out! Keep up the good work! I'm definitely going to ad your blog to my blog list!

piano player said...

AN excellent piece. We all know, of course, that on the 7th day, god played the piano! He'd need to relax after the previous 6 days of hard work! Really good blog. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Saúl Márquez said...

Great music, soothing, relaxing, great for Sabbath, by the way,
Do you attend a Sabbath keeping church?

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