Sunday, August 06, 2006

On my way

"Going my way" Watercolor © Verhagen 2004

So, to quote Dr. Suess.. "The time has come, the time is now."

Me and the fam are packing up and moving back to Florida. It's not that we don't like Nashville, but an offer we can't refuse has suddenly appeared.

There are so many emotions involved with moving. Leaving my friends and all of these memories behind.. it's such a mixed bag of excitement and heartache all at the same time. But... we all must go our own way sometimes.. just like little Julia in the painting up there. And sometimes, it's not our own choice... it's a choice made for us. I can be very stubborn, but even I can't ignore it when my Father calls me.

This piece is a little different because it has a 808 drum groove going on behind it. I actually really like the way that this turned out. Not too shabby for one take completely made up on the fly, eh?

Hope you like it.

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Faye Pekas said...

Hi Bill

Your email address doesn't seem to work for me so I am contacting you this way.

Your music is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it so freely.

I am writing to ask permission to use some of your music in a wedding video. You can contact me through my blog or at


Faye Pekas

Anonymous said...


I was looking around for a background music for some work I was doing for my company when I came across your site.

Your music is wonderful and I think many people will appreciate that you've made them free. Now, talk about the gift of sharing.

While I've not heard many, I especially like the piece, Just a Moment. I feel that it really brings out the feeling of helplessness, anger and fustration.

Great job! Keep it up! Now I've got one more bookmark on my list :)

Ryan Sickels said... the sound. On my way is beautiful. NICE JOB

CuShMaN said...

Thanks Ryan. Hope the family is doing well. Can't wait to come up there and visit you guys... of course, we have a little farther to go now. Congrats on your new addition.

Andrewbrinkhaus said...

Yes, On My Way is beautiful, and so are all of your other pieces. I have been listening for a very long time now...Almost since the beginning. I really think you are an incredibly gifted player. With just the compositions here that you have done, I think you could release a CD that would be very succesful. Keep on playing and maybe i'll see you here in FL sometime, where are you moving to? Im in Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. You are truly blessed

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