Friday, January 13, 2006

When Brandi's down

"Christina's World" (c) 1948 Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-)

Brandi was a close friend of mine that found herself constantly immersed in a chaotic whirlwind of events.

Because she was dear to my heart, her tragedies would affect me.
I wrote this piece for her during one of her particular sad moments.

One amazing thing about her was her ability to smile and laugh at problems.
Sad laughter.

Can you hear it in the music?

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Waynette said...

This is beautiful. I'm sorry I can not describe how I feel when listening to this – all I can say is "beautiful."

strangecloud said...

hello....I posted some pictures finally....i had to pester my brother to get me an extra cable to get online with my laptop so that i can load the images from my digital camera onto my blog...thanks for the comment!...:)

docpao said...

I just dropped this short lines to say Im quietly impressed with your work...this is amazing..i just heard brand's songs n it really scared me about the way I felt...great work! keep step up!

Anonymous said...

maria consuelo

oh i know how is this Sad laughter

i have this sad laughter


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