Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pizza Man

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, but super busy with hardly any time to work on music right now.

We need some extra cash, so I picked up a part time gig - as a Pizza delivery man for Papa Johns. It's helping.

The other night I got home and was still buzzing from driving all over town like a crazy man, so I booted up Apple Garageband on my Mac, and literally Spat this out in one take..

Yes, I know, it's not piano, it's organ, and it's not mellow, and it is not my normal genre, but.. this is how I felt. Maybe some of you can put it to good use. Action sequences, podcast intro music, credits.. who knows?

Click to open music in a mini-window Pizza Man.Mp3 (c) 2005 William Cushman (2:14 / 3.1Mb) For a low-rez/bandwidth version, click here.
To directly download to your computer click this icon:Click here to download a .zip file of this .Mp3 direcly to your computer

Here are some links to projects that people have made using this composition.. check them out!

If you have a project you'd like me to link.. just email me.
Want to use this piece in your project or website - royalty & commercial free at no cost?
Just ask.

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William Young said...

Uhh, Bill, this is a porno soundtrack. You need a break from all the work and schoolin' if your subconscious is coming up with this...


CuShMaN said...

Oh - you Did NOT go there!


Tommy Bombon said...


Congratulations and welcome to the new addition. I can relate to needing extra income. We have a 1 year old.

Perhaps it is time to work on a CD album for sale. Even thought of self-producing one?


CuShMaN said...


(By the way.. Thank you so much for the compliments on your site located at Tombombon.com )

About the CD, it's in progress, albeit very slow progress. I'm at a super busy time in my life, and hopefully i'll have some spare time in the future to finish up mastering my first CD.
It's more of a labor of love, because I don't plan on making much $$ off of it.. just enough to recoop some of my production costs.

Most of the slideshow folks are cool with just downloading the MP3's off of this blog. Generally most people who want the CD quality versions of this music are videographers who have to deal with compression sound depreciation issues.

It's coming.

(p.s. I like your new Editorial at editorial )


Jinny said...

Wow. I am completely stunned. I've been hunting down royalty-free music for some of my projects, and you have completely blown me away. It's not exactly the type I'm looking for for this particular project I'm working on, but your work sure will come in handy in the future. Improvised, huh? Wow. I am... stunned.

Great job. You're amazing. I'm also a little jealous; I wish I had magic piano fingers. ;D

CuShMaN said...

Thank you Jinny!


Carla said...

LOVE this sound! I am self producing a project and I may email you on permission to use.

You should do more of this tyoe- or fast action sounding ou fast energetic inspirational things!


East Coast Photography Studio said...

I love the upbeat techno sound of this. One of my favorite!

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