Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Coming Along

It's absolutely amazing at what goes into blogging. I've been experimenting with multiple drafts of exactly how I need to go about linking my music into this blog and I'm almost ready. I'm aware that once I place my music on here, it will be completely naked and available for anyone. I've gone around and around about this over the years.

However, I know I'm ready to make it available.

My friends and listeners have all told me NOT to do this. They feel that once I make this music available for free, that someone else could come along and use it for whatever they wish.

The truth is.. that's perfectly fine with me. I'd probably be a little disgruntled if it was used for Porn or something nasty.. but otherwise, I want people to use my music for whatever the wish. Home movies, documentaries, whatever. I only ask one thing.. and that's to simply give me credit. And I will turn around and give God credit. I think we all know that God is the Rizzle for the Sizzle. :)

Visit back in a few days and I'll have my first piece ready for you.. it's called "Thursday Afternoon". It's cool.

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Indeterminacy said...

You might set up a creative commons license (see That way you can put up a copyright notice declaring to what extent you wish to allow your work to be used. Usually people allow the works to be used freely if credit is given and no money is made from it.

I've been meaning to set one up at my site but never got around to it yet.

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