Monday, February 01, 2010


I love our new little baby girl. I especially love to watch her sleep.

Sometimes, while asleep, she smiles.. sometimes she giggles. I find myself feeling so happy while I'm watching her sweet face.

I wonder what babies dream about?

It is beautiful to see such innocence.. and it's even harder to know - that as our little one travels along through the storms of life, it is our job.. My job.. to guide her.. to protect her.. to be a guiding light for her as best as I can.

I know I can't do everything. I mean, I'm only human.. and I won't be around forever, or even able to keep up with her as she gets older.

But there is a light that will always be there.

So the most important thing that I have to do is help introduce her to my Father. The One. The Light in the dark.. Who never will let her down.. Who loves unconditionally.. Who knows her heart.

But for now, sleep and dream your wonderful baby dreams.. it's not time to be awake just yet.

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